Coming Together as One

It is time to uplift your spirits. Many of you feel the changes occurring in the body, causing aches and discomfort throughout the body. Not all are aware of the shifts that your bodies are going through to change the body; not in form, but in light.

It is the falling away of what you are not, revealing who you truly are; a divine being. The old must fall away to make room for the new. It is the shedding of what was not you, the thoughts and teachings which you have taken on from others as your own as you grew up. The thoughts and beliefs came from family members, teachers and those around you who, in turn, accepted information passed down from their ancestors.

It is more than just shedding the dense thoughts and emotions of others from your belief system. It is the shedding of the lower realms of density from the body as well. I accepted the challenge from a guru at a presentation before a very large audience. The guru talked about how beautiful the audience was and wished we could see what she saw. Being clairvoyant, I quietly asked to see what the guru could see.

As if sitting on the stage in front of a massive audience, I could see the various souls, all at different stages in their journeys. Since then, I often see the souls, not as individuals, but now as a whole, working together in a most beautiful flow; as if they are all one together.

All come from the One and will return to the One. As above, so below explains the oneness that was experienced. It is a oneness of working together to create. This is the power of one. Each individual is powerful. It is time to know yourself, who you truly are, and to use your power for the good of all.

Your world faces many problems and there are many challenges that are yet to come. Are you ready and willing to face those challenges, proving yourself to be the master that you truly are?

Release the baggage that is holding you back and learn to use your tools. You are all the great ones from the past who have come to assist and play out the last act of the third dimensional play. Do more than stepping back to watch the show around you. Choose to be one of those in the one percent who flows through all of it.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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