You Are the Artist of Your Life

It is through focus you can create the new fifth dimensional world for humanity. A one-point focus is meditation.

When you sit to meditate, have a purpose in mind such as receiving the answer to a specific question before you go within for the information. We emphasize meditation as a one-point focus so you can understand it is anytime you are focusing on one thing. It may be in the form of creating a painting, a sculpture, playing an instrument, writing or reading a good novel. If you are focused only on what you are doing, then you are using a one-point focus.

Usually the individual needs to know some basics about a craft such as painting before he or she feels comfortable enough to step aside and allow the final creation to reveal itself. There are those who come into life as a natural artist, singer or whatever talent he or she chooses to share. In other lifetimes each of you have developed or mastered various skills. As you come into this lifetime, you find an interest in some of those areas and choose to develop it further.

An artist usually works with his or her favorite colors of paint. He or she sits down with an idea and sketches it out with the intention of painting a certain scene. When the individual is done, it may look totally different from what was originally planned.

Along the way the painting shifts and takes on a life of its own. Some see a drop of paint where it was not intended as an error or mistake. Others see it as a new direction in which to flow with what shows up on the canvas.

Life is much like this. One may start their day intending to do certain things, even following a list of to do’s. A list is only a suggestion of what you intend to do. Throughout the day things change as an event occurs, whether it be running into an old friend who wants to talk or an elderly neighbor needing your help. You learn to flow with whatever interrupts your everyday plans.

Life becomes a canvas in this way as you create a picture of your life and all the elements making you who you are. Throughout life you make many decisions and changes. The decisions and changes you make affect who you are and who you are becoming.

Change can be a simple yes to something that seems very small and yet changes your life forever. These changes are what they are. Accept them and move on, no matter how they affect you. When events happen and are seen as unsupportive to you at the time, they may be a blessing in disguise.

It may be years before you realize the decision or event made you who you are. It may have made you weak so you could be stronger. It may be showing you the unimportance of what you felt was most important to your life. The point is to be thankful for whatever happens to you and know there is a blessing to be found among it all.

You are the artist of your life, creating all that occurs and all that needs to be done within your life. What you create affects others. Know you are responsible for your creations. Do not blame God who allows you free will and free choice in life. If you stray from your original plans, then life may not flow as well for you. If you follow your guidance, listen and connect with your soul, you will find life to be more in sync.

As you learn to focus, you draw to you what is needed. Learn to focus as you do your work. Your lessons show up along the way. Ask, “What is my lesson and how can I learn it quickly?” If you are out of the flow, it is usually a lesson to be learned or you are moving away from your life’s purpose.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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