Meditation and Mindfulness

It is time to be still and to know yourself. This may sound like meditation, for it is. Meditation is a one-point focus; which means, you are holding your focus on one thing and one thing only. It can be a very deep focus.

Some people think that meditation and mindfulness are the same thing. They are not. Mindfulness is being aware and focusing on eating an apple, for example. Being mindful means to perhaps smell the apple first; doing so, actually prepares your digestive system. Note its rich red color; perhaps the pattern on its surface and how the apple feels. Then be aware of the sweet juiciness of the apple with each bite. The apple is chewed slowly, allowing you to savor the sweetness and texture with each bite.

Both mindfulness and meditation allows the body rhythms to slow to a more balanced rhythm. The mind slows its chatter and you feel more balanced and energized as unsupportive noise plays in the background when you hold your focus or seems to disappear.

Meditation also allows you to know yourself and to know God. Meditation can take you on journeys, opening doors, and moving you into higher dimensions and planes. It gives you an opportunity to travel to other places and experience other planes. It is an inner journey into your inner being and universe. You are a world and universe unto yourself. All that is outside of you is also inside of you.

As above, so below; as below, so above. This means that what is found on a macro level also exists on a micro level and vice versa. You can see fractal patterns within and in the universes and galaxies. It is the continued pattern of life. The inner body is just as complex as any universe.

Those who begin meditation complain about the mind chattering away non-stop. The mind can be stilled by following the breath into the body and then out of the body. This is a good way to bring your focus back. It takes practice to still the mind. Another method is to let the mind run in the background as you stay focused on your intention.

You should always have an intention when meditating. Is it a question you want answered? What is it that you wish to explore? Set your intent and stay focused on it. Maybe you want to explore a particular solution to a problem and see where it takes you. If you do not have an intent when you meditate, you may be opening yourself up to the unknown that you do not choose to explore.

Focusing on the heart and going through the heart is the easiest way. The heart is a hub from which all roads lead. As your consciousness does the exploring, your body becomes your anchor.

Another must is to ask for protection and guidance before you start so you are traveling safely at all times. As you stay in higher frequencies, the lower unsupportive energies fall away.

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