Manifest What You Desire

There are several things to consider before submitting your request to the Universe. Decide exactly what it is you want. If you say, “I want a great job,” list what makes a job great. Be specific. Is it higher pay, a chance to move up the ladder in the company, being in a peaceful environment, working with positive, helpful people, flexible hours or the ability to work from home when needed?

Instead of just making a list and thinking you are ready to manifest your desire, write it out, sleep on it and review it for a few days. You may find you want to make changes. You do not want to be making the changes or additions after putting in your request. Know what you desire and stick to it.

You may need to look at your beliefs also. Individuals often have feelings or thoughts about asking for money. Money often times carries a negative connotation and people may feel they are not worthy of it. Instead, look at what you want to buy with the money and ask for those things one at a time.

The next question to consider is do you deserve it? If you feel you are not good enough or worthy of your desires, then you are blocking yourself from receiving. You may need to go back to past thoughts of when you were a child and ask who told you that you were not worthy. Was it a parent, teacher, family member, etc.? Know you are worthy and that those thoughts were not yours. Then release them back to their rightful owner. Replace the unsupportive thoughts with positive ones. You are a child of God. What parent does not want to give their child what the child desires.

Can you see it in your mind’s eye? If not, then maybe keep a picture of what you want in plain sight and notice it every day. A young Olympian placed a picture on the ceiling above his bed so he could see it when he went to bed and when he woke up in the morning for many years. See yourself with it or put a happy picture of yourself next to it. This keeps your attention on what you desire. The law of attraction simply states what you put your attention on, you will receive. Avoid saying what you do not want; instead, state clearly and specifically what you do want.

When you are ready to make your request, write it down and add, “this or something better” at the end of your request. We don’t always think big and may miss out on what God has in mind for us. By adding, “this or something better,” you are allowing what was meant for you to be given to you.

After you ask for what you want, thank God for what you have been given even though you do not have it yet on the physical level. You must believe that what you asked for is on its way. Your request is created in the ethers with the assistance of the elementals and it must be brought down to the physical level.

Besides believing your request in on the way, take action as if you already had it. For example, my furniture was lost when I moved to New Mexico. After almost a month of no furniture and the moving company refusing to talk with me, I made my request, thanked God for the delivery of my furniture and sketched out a floor plan of my apartment and where the furniture would be placed. I also borrowed a vacuum to prepare for the arrival. Every day I repeated my affirmation for the furniture’s arrival, thanked God and reviewed my floor plan to keep my attention on my intention. A date was given in meditation and the furniture arrived on time.

If your request is not fulfilled, you may not be ready for it yet. This is not my version of saying you did it wrong. There is no wrong or right in the higher realms; everything just is. Sometimes another piece of the puzzle, such as waiting for another person to show up to assist you, needs to occur.

I remember traveling up the coast from California into Oregon and stopping in a small tourist town on the way. My intentions were to go further north to the Oregon vortex. Instead, I followed my intuition and went through a small train museum. Afterwards, I was guided to return home and wondered why I had to go through the museum.

Weeks later, I traveled north again to Oregon. On the way there, my guides directed me to the same area only I began walking in circles as if looking for a specific store. Waiting on a corner for the light to change, I began a conversation with a young couple. After answering their question, I directed them to my northern destination. Within an hour, they were seen where they needed to be. My contract was fulfilled.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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