Human or Spiritual Body?

 Humans reside in a third dimensional physical body. God gave you a soul within your body so He can experience you through your body just as you can. It is the senses that allow your experiences.

In the higher dimensions such as the fifth or eighth dimension, you may be an aspect of yourself in another body when you are sleeping. In the higher dimensions beings are usually light beings portraying themselves perhaps as an outline of white light. For example, Mary experienced a very muscular young man outlined in a white light. He could have used a different color if he wanted to. Mary had bugs coming in through the bedroom sliding glass door and wanted them gone. This was done mentally as she watched from her bed as the young man assessed the situation and used his arm to bump the door where the bugs were coming in. The bugs scattered away from the outside door.

The young man looked like a body builder. In the higher realms you can create a young body at whatever age you want to look and be. His body was a white outline of the body. He was only showing his body to let Mary know he was there to assist her. She mentally thanked him and he was gone just as quickly as he had appeared.

The master Mary is currently working with showed his being as a circle with little pointed edges around the circle looking like a gear. He disappeared quickly through the sliding glass bedroom door to outside. So the masters can create whatever shape they prefer. They will usually not appear unless someone has asked them to do so. The Masters have a human form but have also learned how to use the laws that are available in higher realms when needed to work in a different form. You might ask to see one of the individuals that work with you. If you do, be ready. It only takes a moment or two for them to move through a room.

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