War . . . Choose Peace

“War does not come from peace and peace does not come from war.”

As individuals, if we each decide to release the struggle and war within, the third dimensional struggle and war will stop. Only the peace and love found within can accomplish this. Love is the greatest conqueror of all. If we choose to have peace through love, loving our self and one another, then peace and love will prevail. We on Earth have warred throughout the ages and still cannot find peace. We continue to allow it and feel it. It feels comfortable to us since it has been a way of life. Our ancestors fought for peace, therefore we should too. If this were the solution, shouldn’t it have worked by now? It is only through the heart of each individual that peace will be found in the collective consciousness and the world as we define it.

It is now time to choose. The destruction has begun by Mother Earth’s hand to cleanse and purge herself. All God’s children desire peace. It is time to stop the war games. This is not a new message, but it is a message whose time has come. The ancient ones, the masters and great ones before us have spoken of this time. We see ourselves as individuals who are powerless. Together we are one soul. When the masses individually choose peace, it will be done.

This is not a rebellion of nations. It is a decision by individuals to live in peace and harmony. The love for each of us is so great. Choose it and love will walk hand-in-hand with peace. It is a soul matter.

Wishing you love in all that you do,




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