Things are Shifting

In Sunday school or church, we learned that God is love. Love is the manifesting force behind creation. Fear is the opposite of love.

About two weeks ago, I found myself getting back into meditation with a desire to expand my heart with love. From there, I added joy to it. After thinking about why I was doing this, I realized that love and joy were a big part of the fifth dimension. Creating with the opposite of love only magnifies the fear and creates profound lessons for those who seek power over others.

I wondered when people would stand up and confront those wishing to control us. People are now doing so. I know God had a plan and that His team would win because God has the highest frequency. In a newsletter it was said that there would be a great outpouring of love through January 7.

The energy will accelerate everything and uncover what is hidden. People and their works will be shown. The waves of energy will become stronger.

Many individuals think they are above the law and even ignored our Constitution so their platform could be pushed. While it is easy to give up hope, many of impeccable integrity are being activated in service to Earth and humanity in all areas. Since we are in a planetary liberation, awakening and healing of humanity and Earth, those who violate Universal Law do not have the frequency to continue. Not everyone will continue. The chaos is the healing that is taking place. Everything is surfacing and being made known. Our solar system is moving into a highly charged space.

If you have not made a connection with God, perhaps this is a perfect time to talk to Him in prayer. He is a great listener and he is already to help you when you ask for assistance.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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