“Love can be sweet or bitter. It is how you choose it and use it.”

When we think of love, we think of something which is wonderful, beautiful and makes us feel good; the happy-ever-after fairy tale endings we see in movies. It is much more than that. Love is the life force that holds everything together at all levels of consciousness. Love is tangible. Like a diamond, it has many facets, each representing a different aspect. The diamond is you, never complete, for one is continually creating and discovering new aspects of oneself. That is why you see the diamond so often in meditations, for you have asked what love is. Each time it was presented differently to you.

When one asks what love is, it is like walking on to a beach and asking what is sand. It is one kernel at a time and all around you. It is never ending, for all is created out of love. Sacrifice is not an aspect of love because it implies one ends up with less. My husband’s illness was a compromise. Even though I gave much, I learned and received much. Bliss, creation and devotion are also aspects of love. The list could go on forever.

“Love can be sweet or bitter. It is how you choose it and use it.” If one anticipates love as controlling or domineering, then it will be the only way they will accept receiving love. It may be the only way they saw and experienced love within their life; therefore, how we perceive it is the way we will receive it. Select it as loving and supportive. How you pass it on to your children is how you decide to “use it”.


Wishing you love in all that you do,





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