Love Yourself First

Today’s topic is about love, as you know it and as it is in the higher realms. At the third dimensional level, love is mainly thought of as a feeling for a spouse, a pet or children. It is often times conditional such as if you take care of me, I will love you. In marriage, it may not last long. People fall out of love. Their marriage partner no longer gives you the attention you need. It could be that you had a contract with your spouse and the contract was fulfilled. It could also be you are moving on and your spouse is not, or vice versa.

In the higher realms, love is unconditional. You love others without conditions. You love a person for who they are, just as they are. There are no divorces or marriages. Love begins by loving yourself first. If you cannot love yourself, then how could you love another?

How does one love oneself? It is done by loving yourself unconditionally no matter what. You accept yourself just as you are, including what you may consider ‘flaws’. You are perfect just the way you are. You were made the way you are for a reason. If God can accept and love you just as you are, then you should also be able to love and accept yourself too.

What if you have never experienced love before? There are those who have experienced love only for a moment or two, so how can one bring forth self-love if you do not remember that moment or two of love? One way is to stand in front of a bathroom mirror and as you look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself, “I love you.” You may hear ego say something such as, ‘What about the mole on your face?’ Tell that mole or whatever your ‘flaw’ is that you love it. Do this daily. You might find the mole starts to disappear. Continue the exercise of telling yourself that you love yourself just as you are. You may even notice a shift or a smile on your face.

If you have experienced love before, then bring that moment or experience back and feel it. What does it feel like? Notice the difference. Practice this until you can call love forward without having to call the previous event tied to it forward.

In the higher realms, love is unconditional. You experience the love that you have for all people and beings no matter what. You are not all the same and neither are those in higher dimensions. If you cannot work together and accept each other on the third dimension, then how can you do so as you move into higher planes? Accept individuals for who they are instead of how they look.

Along your path you will meet many characters. Those from other planets may choose to take the form of a human body so you are not frightened by those who look different than you. The archangels did that when I first met them. Gabriel showed up as a man from the nineteen sixty’s or seventies. Angels and archangels will usually present themselves as you believe them to look like. If you expect to see the angels with wings, then they will portray themselves as such.

If you expect to move into higher realms, then realize things are different from third dimension and the world as you know it. If you cannot accept others here on Earth for who they are, then how can you accept others in higher realms? They will not want to hold the form you expect them to be. Love yourself and love everyone around you. If you think you have someone in your life you just cannot love, then go within and look at the past situation that caused it. Ask that both parties forgive the other so both of you can move on and release your past, so it is not repeated.

Learn to love yourself just as you are first. Then see the love in each and every individual. Unconditional love plays many roles in the higher realms.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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