Love: The Path of Least Resistance


The archangels and Sri Yukteswar wish to give you an overview of love; the easiest path.

It is with love and light that we come to you today. Love is the vehicle which is used by us, for it is through love that we give you these words that need to be said. Love rides the waves of light between us. It is with love that we offer such frequencies for the words that are to be written.

Love comes in many shapes and forms and is offered to you freely. Whether you accept it or not is up to you. We offer love in the words that come to you. We offer love to all the world and to all who are open to it. It brings us great joy when we see those who are open and willing to accept our love and the Father’s love; for His love extends across the universe for those who are open to accepting it.

It is through love that so much can be done. It is through love that the majority of you will enter the fifth dimension and continue to move forward on your path. Love is the easiest path into higher dimensions.

Love is a protector, a guide and much more than that. The love for another can be so compelling. When there is such love, one would lay down his or her life for another. Love can be a companion that is always with you. It gives you strength and warms the heart when needed.

We speak of a higher love than what most of you have known. In the third dimension, there is love for family, friends, spouses and pets. It is a feeling that you have for yourself. It does not come from another. The other person only creates a space for you to bring forth the love for yourself. You create it; not the other person. It is a joyful, light feeling as your heart opens up. The other person is only in your life for a moment of time. When one of you is ready to move on, then the relationship can part ways, either as friends or not, depending on the willingness of both parties to move on.

In higher dimensions, love can be used as a vehicle to create in a different way. It can literally move mountains; however, we do not suggest doing so unless you know and understand what you are doing. Love can protect you from enemies and it can provide you with the necessities of life.

This is just an overview of the possibilities that can be accomplished through love. It also requires training and remembering how to use love as a tool when needed. It should not be used for selfish purposes. All gifts must be used wisely. It is your responsibility. God gave you the gift of love. All gifts should be cherished and used with discernment. As you move into higher dimensions, you are given more responsibilities.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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