Love Makes Everything Possible

What is our topic for today? It is the same as always, love. Love is a way of being and a way of living. It is the energy that one uses to maintain life and create life. In summary, it is your lifeline.

We use love to travel where we are needed and use it for protection from those who choose to do harm against us. Instead of fighting back, we offer them a better way of being. It is up to them whether they accept it or not. We also use the wave lengths of love and light to travel on. Is it also how one travels into different times and do what you call time travel? Yes.

Your universe is made up of love. There is much love throughout the universe. When you cry out for help, it is love that comes to assist. As a third dimensional planet, your world lacks the divinity that other worlds have. By moving your planet into the fifth dimension, your planet would be in divinity. It is the lowest level. It is what so many of you desire but many of you are afraid to step forward and to do the work. Why? It is because of the unknown.

You prefer comfort over the unknown. It is like giving up all your constitutional rights for what you think will be the norm again. It never is. Once you step into the unknown and begin to learn on your path, it is not so frightening. Yes, it is all unknown at first because you are stepping into a different world and a different way of being. Things may not seem real or be solid in the way you think of it. It is not a material world as such as Earth is to you and your body, for you are part of the earth. When you pass, the body goes back to the earth while your spirit moves on to return to the soul and plan for another lifetime of lessons to be learned. Others assist you in planning.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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