Love and success go hand in hand with each other. When one is in love with himself or herself, he/she is willing to let all that does not serve or is not important to fall by the wayside. Nothing else is important to you since you are willing to follow your love wherever it takes you on your journey. That is the journey of love as it unfolds unto you. Love makes all things possible, and this is the importance of love.

Love does not fall along the wayside or leave you. It is always there waiting for you to return when you are no longer in the moment. Allow yourself to choose to be in that place of love.

My Thoughts: Is it a place or something one holds?

It is a place within where one resides. It is an unfolding or opening of the heart. It is the untying of the knot in the heart of all that you are not; the fear, shame and sadness that was allowed to enter within you. Now is the time to untangle that place and to expand and to hold the light for yourself and the universe as you have done before. Let the flower within bloom and shine its radiance unto you and to others. Be that lighthouse, the beacon to others, reminding them who they are and why they came. It is a call unto all to open again to love, untangling gently the knot within the heart. Feel the radiance again. It is there for you to unfold.

The Dalai Lama once said that in the West, change will come from the women through love. Why not bring back the love for ourselves first and then for others to recreate a nation of love and compassion and model it for other countries. Let’s look at what we have in common instead of allowing our differences to divide us.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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