Love and Creation

Love is the key to all there is. Its vibration is just below that of the word ‘God”, which is the highest vibration. In the state of love, creation and possibilities open to new realms of thinking, doing and being. It offers one the possibilities of new potentials and ideas, and a direction to the next step. It is unlimited and opens doors previously closed to thought. In the fifth dimension, the doors now have access.

Potentials are limited only to your beliefs. If you can think it, then it can be created. Do not let your limits determine your capability. Open to the thought as being interesting and ask, “How do we do it?” Breathe and relax. Ask yourself the question before entering the sleep state or spend time contemplating the idea. Then step aside and be open to possibilities. The answer is where the question is asked. Sit and be still without thought when you ask your question. Allow the answer to come to you. To listen to the answer, you must be still and quiet the mind. With the practice of intention, it will come naturally. This is how one creates within a state of love and allows the flow.

Creation is a celebration and all of you are creators. It is your way of life and heritage. Your creations are your children, for they came from you and are birthed by you to enjoy. These are the things to celebrate in your lives along with each step you take to come one step closer to the completion of your finished gift. It is the gift you give yourselves and the gift you offer unto others for their benefit to enjoy also. Joy should be shared with others and celebrated with and by others. It is the joy of life you celebrate in your creations. It is the joy of being alive and the ability to create that is also honored with each creation.

Life should be a celebration. Each day is a creation by you and for you. It is a gift you give yourself. Gifts should be received and cherished, honored and celebrated. In the now, all can be loved and celebrated. Now is a present you give yourselves to enjoy and to create within. It is a time without time, where all is there for you to enjoy. It is a state of awareness and a place where you may observe, make better decisions, and act.

Love is an extension of God. It is His handiwork that is extended to all, allowing each person to create. In love and with love your creations exist. All of you are a part of God. You are His children, and as children, you have inherited the image and the tools used for creation.

Creation comes in many different revelations. It can be thoughts of energy forces or thoughts of creation that are more earthy; such as pieces of art, which take individuals on an adventure of knowing themselves and learning about themselves. It is the art work that creates itself. The artist only reveals what is already there to be shown and chooses to come forth. It is the artist who is taken on a journey of unraveling the path by which the art wishes to reveal itself. This is the way of any projects of creation. The unraveling is a path the creator is taken on, teaching the individual a new way of being. The artist does not always choose how the art will be revealed.

Life is this way also. You choose to work and to create in love. It is love that puts individuals on the journey, revealing new ways of being, doing and opening each one up to new potentials. There is no one way to create a work of art. The artist asks ‘What if…?’ and decides what the result is to be. The journey may open new ways and thoughts, rearranging them in another direction. The end result may be something better than intended. The idea one starts with is not always the end result.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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