Do You Know What Love Is?

Love is an expansion of yourself within the universe within you. Once you have expanded it within you, then you will also see it developing around you. I used to wonder how my teacher, John (not his real name), emanated such love around himself and seemed to be so happy, not letting anything bother him. No matter how he felt when asked how he was doing, he always said, “I am well.”

For many individuals, love seems evasive when looking for a mate or once one is found, people may find they are no longer in love. Then they begin to look for another. When looking for love, begin within. You will find it there first. If you do not have it within, then you will not find it outside of yourself.

For some, love may have been experienced only for a moment in time. It is still the experience of love one can draw on. Find that moment and bring the feeling of love forth and expand the love from that moment. Continue to expand it. Use this experience daily until you can really feel the love for yourself within. Then expand it outward around you. You too can exude love.

For those who feel they have never felt love and probably fall into the category mentioned above, there is another way to bring forth love. Take a breath in as mentally saying to yourself, “I am love.” On the out breath use “Love I am.” Repeat this as needed.

I have used both of these methods.

You do not need someone to tell you that you are loved when you know that within yourself. Once you learn to love yourself unconditionally just as you are, then you could look for a mate, if that is still your desire. When you look at others, see them as yourself or an extension of you. As you begin to know the other individual, ask yourself, “Does the other person love him or herself? If the person does not love him or herself, how could he or she love another? These are all things to consider when deciding whether or not you want a mate or do you prefer a friend. The same can be said of a friend. Friends will reveal their true selves over time.


Wishing you love in all that you do,



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