Do Everything with Love

That which is not love falls into the category of fear.

When baking or cooking with love, you may find others complimenting you on your cooking, asking for the recipe, or what your secret ingredient is. Sometimes I would say, “It’s a secret family recipe.” That was in my younger years. I would just start mixing ingredients from the recipe and just let go of what the recipe said but was following my intuition to see where it would go. This was not done on new recipes.

For years people have asked me for my recipes, especially my baking. At Christmas, I baked pumpkin cranberry bread for neighbors and friends up until last year. Only one individual was ever able to duplicate it. Others did not understand how to cook or bake with love.

How do can you bake with love? Some people, for example, ask the angels to bless the chocolate chips in the cookies or another ingredient in the mix. I used to do it that way at first, but I decided to try different ways since it felt limited. I prefer to open my heart and bake while my heart is open. This may take some practice.

Have you ever tried holding love in your heart? You do not have to be cooking or baking to do so. You can use it any time. Love is our power.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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