Discovering Your Purpose

Each of you has chosen a purpose to accomplish during this lifetime. It may be something you have done before in another lifetime or not. It is something you would like to do or agreed to do for whatever reason. It is something that only you can do in your own unique way; no one else can do it.

Coming into this lifetime, some of you may have remembered what you came to do. Others have no clue. Perhaps throughout your life others have told you what your purpose was and you denied it as if it were the last thing you wanted to do. You will still be given reminders of it and you may find that life does not flow for you like it should because you are refusing to work on your chosen purpose. You may even have more than one purpose; a main purpose and another that you would like to do or volunteered to do also. When others do not do what they came to do, you may be asked to assist if you have the ability or willingness to do so.

Finding your career can be very similar to finding your purpose and they may be the same; often times, your career is related to your purpose. There are free sheets on my website that you can print out for your own personal use in determining your career.

An easier way to find your purpose is by asking Archangel Michael to assist you. Ask Archangel Michael to please assist you with finding what you came here to do and then thank him. From there, be open to clues. This means to be aware of any urging to go somewhere or do something that may be out of the norm. It may be others coming to you for information which may lead you to write a book or set up classes to assist others.

My clues have come in different ways. Talking to another person triggered a memory which was a clue. The license plate on the car in front of me at a stop light, a billboard with only two words on it and being lured by an open house sign were all leads for the next step. At the open house, I shared information with the realtor, who in turn gave me the information I needed.

Do not ask that your clue arrives a certain way. The universe works differently than we do. You may find yourself having a good laugh from how things are presented to you.

If you are not sure of your purpose, then ask for verification of what you think it is. As you complete each step, ask for the next step. Enjoy the steps; how they are delivered, how you work through them and how your journey unfolds.


Wishing you love in all that you do,


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