Different Paths


Often times people will ask me to help them get to where I am on my path. That is when I tell them that each of us has our own path and it is different from others. There may be common lessons that need to be learned; however, the lessons may be done differently, depending on your lessons or the individuals who have volunteered to assist you or perhaps need to be involved in the lesson.

How does one find out if what is happening to them is a lesson? Meditate. Go within and ask if the situation is a lesson or not. If you get a ‘yes’ answer, ask that the lesson be gentle and easy for you.

If you meditate regularly, you may find that doors or a hallway will appear before you. The doors may be open or closed. Some may have a key in the door and others do not. Keys may be different. One might look very old such as for opening a castle or other types of keys. If you step through a door, it may offer a different time line and outcome or option than continuing on your current path. Be careful. Do not step in the doorway if you wish to finish your lesson in this lifetime that you are already in.

Since you create your journey, you also create three exit times or points in your life which you can leave if you so chose to do so. One of my exits occurred after moving to New Mexico. I went through so many challenges. I thank God for finding one person who helped me.

Earth is a free will, free choice planet. This means no one can help or assist you unless you ask for help. Just thinking the word ‘help’ has brought Archangel Michael or a member of his team to assist me if I am in trouble. We are in a spiritual war and we are moving into higher dimensions. Use the word ‘help’ when you need it. There are so many who are here to assist you but they must wait until you ask for it.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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