Turmoil and Unfinished Lessons

Today we discuss what is on the minds of many; what is happening to your world? Many people see it as falling apart with no end to all the wars and terrorism. Is this what your planet has come to? No. It is the clearing of the many things needed to be removed. It is all coming to a crescendo.

The earth can no longer support the destruction of its forests, its lands and natural resources needed for its balance. The people are fed up with how they are being treated and wonder if there is still justice. So many are without work and don’t know what to do. Yet, life continues forward in one manner or another.

Many seek but do not find what seems to be so illusive to them. They stay within their own little world, safe from all the storms brewing around them. People know something is coming but do not know what it is. There are always those who will look at things and say the economy will collapse and this is what you need to do; the solution is always to buy what they are selling. Few see what is about to happen before it actually happens. When the event is over the great majority claim they foresaw it and if you had just followed them you would have been rich.

Follow your own guidance; you are already rich. We say to count all your blessings, not your money. Money can easily be gone. How many friends can you actually depend on during a crisis? Those are your real friends. It is not the possessions you own. It is the lessons and wisdom one takes with oneself after this lifetime. Everything else is left behind.

The lessons are learned as one chooses to move forward and address the issues from this and past lifetimes previously unaddressed. Although many choose to postpone it to a future lifetime so they may have comfort in this life, the lessons only become more noticeable as your soul pushes you to address them now. Why?

In this lifetime things can be removed more easily than in the next lifetime. This is a lifetime where one can jump forward and overcome the many dramas so they are not played out as traumas later on. This is the lifetime one can move through what would otherwise take many lifetimes to complete. Why struggle and make things more difficult in the future when they will be less invasive now instead of evasive?

There are so many gifts available in this lifetime to use. Individuals on Earth and elsewhere will step forward to assist when you truly intend to continue on your path to make your future easier instead of more difficult. Others cannot do the work for you; they will assist when you put in the effort. It is always your choice. When you overcome your challenges, you may see the play of life from a different perspective.

We suggest you learn how to use the tools available to you in this lifetime. It will make this lifetime easier and allow future lifetimes to be more of a flow. You could be assisting others instead of struggling even more with the unlearned lessons. As you move forward on the road of life and learn your lessons, one can walk through the turmoil with ease as it falls away.

How do you know what your lessons are? They are what happen to you in life. When things are not flowing for you or you find yourself asking why me, there’s probably a lesson behind the challenge. Instead, a better question would be, “What is it I need to learn or what is the lesson behind this event?” Discover what you need to learn and walk through it. What seems like unsupportive situations happen to all; some more than others because they have more to clear. These events are usually lessons waiting to be addressed by you.

How do you address the lessons? Ask what it is you need to learn and the easiest way to learn it. Be thankful for all that happens to you in life no matter how horrible it may seem to you. It may be the easiest way to learn your lesson. If it had not presented itself in such a way to get your attention, you would not have addressed it and released it. Be thankful for everything in your life. Life is a blessing and so many are willing to help you. Call on the archangels or an ascended master to assist you with your lessons if needed.

Give yourself the gift of an easier life by releasing that which no longer serves you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,




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