Time Can Be Illusive, Part 2

Time is used to measure things in the third dimension. Those of you moving into higher planes may find yourself moving in and out of the third dimension as you may be helping elsewhere in the universe. You may be working in the past or the future or on another plane where time does not exist. The dimensions above third do not use time. In reality, everything is happening at the same time. This is why it is easy to step into other dimensions or planes for what may be a hundred years, and then step back into your own reality as if only a day passed. When you return, you might have glimpses of what you did during that hundred  years on a different time line, but do not remember it.

This may happen when you are driving. Sometimes you may be called out to work with those on another dimension. A friend of mine said he was driving to a destination that normally took four hours. The last thing he remembered was getting into the car to leave. He came back into his body when he arrived at his destination four hours later. You work on other dimensions and sometimes you are needed there. This is what happened to my friend.

You may have been told you would be traveling to different places in your country to fulfill a contract. You may think it sounds great and are waiting to meet the individual who will also be doing the work with you. He never comes. Was the information about your traveling to many places around your country false? Maybe not. You may have done your assignment during the sleep state where travel would be faster and easier. You may or may not have memories of it.

When I moved into New Mexico, I found myself in a different time period when meditating. I was seeing a young girl in the caves below the temples, by herself, crying. After comforting her on at least two trips, I realized she was left there by the elders so she would learn to go within to get her information. On the last trip, the girl begged me to leave because the elders were coming. Later I found out that if I had stayed longer, I would be gone. The girl was an aspect of me from the past.

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