We bring these messages to you with light and love. Love rides the waves of light and offers the vibrations of the words that are needed to bring the information to you. So you see it is through love and light that the messages come to you. It is only the highest light and love that supports these frequencies.

The spiritual world is made up of love and light. In higher dimensions, more colors are added. As you move more into the spiritual world, it is made up of different ‘shades’ or degrees of white referring to the transparency of the light. This is true at the soul level.

As you move forward on your path, it is an expansion of energies that moves one forward into the higher planes while they are still in the physical form. On the spiritual planes, you are in a light body.

The physical body is becoming crystalline. Crystals act as transmitters, receiving and sending information. If you study crystals, you will discover that crystals transmit energy. They can be used for healing, storing records or information and programmed for various reasons. Crystals transmit energy over wave lengths. Telepathy will be a more accepted means of communication than it currently is. Many things will be different and yet there will be much that looks the same on Earth.

Will everyone go through the same experiences on their journey? No; each of you are on different paths. All of you will have common experiences such as confronting those on the astral planes who would like for you to think they are at a higher level of energy than they really are. Do not give your power away and do not waiver when using the word ‘no’.

You will be presented with your lessons along the way. Your lessons are always there to make sure you learn them well. You have many lifetimes ahead on your journey home to Source. There are many levels of learning. You can pick your path and the side roads that draw your interest for learning what you want to experience. The learning can be endless.

How many planes are there? We have heard many numbers tossed about. More are created by those who want to continue to experience and learn. So the possibilities are endless.

Humans often step into their ego after they feel they know more than so many others. They often feel more advanced or experienced than those around them. Stay out of the ego and pride. It has brought many individuals down. This often happens to those who channel higher beings. When one becomes arrogant or lets ego take over, his or her gift or connection to the higher being may be severed. Always filter the answers through your intuition or how you feel. If it does not feel right, then it is not your truth; do not take on someone else’s beliefs as yours.

These are bits and pieces of things to come and things to be aware of, preparing you for the unknown.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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