Know You Are Ready

It is time for you to know or remember who you are. You are all a part of God, God’s children created by, and from, God. You are creator gods because your Father is also a creator. He created you and you created your future linage.

As you move along your path learning lessons, you are also tested to see if you learned your lessons and are ready for the next stage or level. It is time to wake up and also realize that it is time to move out of the third dimensional game and on to spirituality. You are the one who tests yourself to see if you are ready to move forward. Others may have tested you in the past, but it is you who judges yourself so harshly. You are always your worst critic. It is now the time to move forward into the coming shift. The past is gone. What was done was done. You learned from your lessons and experiences. It is time to stop testing yourself to see if you are ready or not. All of you are capable. You have passed so many tests; it was more than overdone. Get out of the mind and stop beating yourself up.

Being in the now brings you into the present where you are aware of what is being played out. The structures of the third platform are collapsing. See it for what it is worth, players trying to pull you back into the lower game of life where they choose to reside and be in control of you. Take back your power. Know you are in charge of yourself and know no one else has power over you. You must know and believe this.

The astral planes surround the earth. Any thoughts that are not acted upon also surround the earth. Thoughts are things, people’s creations, waiting to be brought forward and acted upon. The beings at the lower fourth are not all good guys but want you to believe they are. They are the ones who are attacking you. Just because they are in the fourth dimension and Earth is moving through the fourth does not give them any power over you. You are in charge of your life and nothing can hurt you unless you allow it.

If you are attacked in the early morning coming out of the sleep state or upon going to sleep at night while passing through the astral planes, command the entity to leave and tell it that it has no power over her. You must believe also believe it. Be adamant about it. In nightly prayers, you could ask to move quickly through the astral planes and back into your body without incident. In order to return to your third dimensional body, you must pass through the fourth dimension. You are in control of what you do and say. Use your words wisely and take action in present time. You will be tested. Know you can pass any test. Tell yourself it is now time to move forward and you are ready. No more testing is needed. Stay in the present time and you will be aware of what is happening in your world and what actions you need to take if any.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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