Not Just a Word

Joy is more that a word. It is an experience and a choice. All words carry a vibration. How does the word joy feel? Intend to be the joy you wish to be. Practice it. Choose it and use it in doing one task. How do you put joy into your life? It is one moment at a time.

See the joy in others and be happy for them. Know it is a sign of your joy to come. When others around you experience joy and you express happiness or gratefulness for their joy, the universe will send more. Know that living in joy is your birthright. All that is good is offered unto you.

You bring joy into your life one moment at a time. Each moment we make choices of how we will react or not react to something. Our creator wanted us to experience creating, the joy of creation and interacting with our creations.

Growing up in a big family, I made most of my clothes and gifts for others. If I saw something I liked, I would either figure out how to make it or ask someone to get me started and I would figure out the rest. That was how I approached painting. I gave myself permission to try new colors and mixed other colors together. In a weekend workshop the instructor let me sit in the back of an advanced class and do what I could. After that, I just saw everything as an experiment or picked up things from others.

After an early retirement and being guided to a different state without any friends, I needed to figure out how to put my life back together again. My friend pushed me to paint to help me find my joy again. So I said to God that if I was supposed to paint again, then bring me the perfect teacher for me. I found him at the state fair, a self -taught portraiture teacher. It was the best thing for me. There are no coincidences. Painting balanced my purpose as an author, sharing my lessons and experiences with others.

Joy is a choice and an experience. It can assist you to move easily into the fifth dimension. Choose to bring joy into your life whenever possible. Do what you love to do. Create what brings you joy.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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