Joy, Happiness and the Moment

 Last week’s blog was about staying positive by using joy and happiness in order to keep your energy in higher dimensions. You live in the fifth dimension with joy which is available to all. It is not elusive. Choose it and be the joy you wish to be and to have in your life. Joy is a way of being and brings out the giggles for no apparent reason. You do not need a reason to be joyful. Joy brings laughter and merriment to you and to others. Joy lifts your spirits and allows you to experience the moment, one moment at a time.

Neither do you need to achieve happiness; you are happiness. As a baby, you knew happiness when you came into this life. It is a God-given right according to many. It is what you are when you are born. When you are born into your external world, you begin to become familiar with the outside world more and more. As a child, you find yourself laughing for no reason as you lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by.

Each day is a new dawn and a new opportunity to begin again. Yesterday is gone and you do not need to step back into that time and space. You have a gift in every day and in every moment. It is the gift of how you choose to live it; how you choose to be and how you choose to perceive the opportunities in the moment.

The moment is all you have. It is in the moment that all occurs. Nothing occurs outside of the moment since the moment is all that exists at any given time. Choose to live your day one moment at a time by determining how you will welcome that moment and how you choose to perceive it. The moment holds all opportunities. When you are caught up in unsupportive thoughts, you are depriving yourself of the possibilities of the moment. Joy is one possibility; so is love. Choose to love yourself just as you are and to be in the space of love. It will put you in a place of love and peace within the heart. Many choose to reside there while everything else is falling away and being restructured.

So how do you wish to be in the moment? From moment to moment you make a choice of how you will be and how you will experience the moment. It may be to move through your unsupportive thoughts as you release them. Another choice is to stay with your thoughts and allow the tape to replay its loop over and over again, entangling you more and more within the emotions of the situation that builds on itself, giving it power over you.

Honor yourself by choosing how you wish to be in the moment. It is always your choice.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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