Make Gratitude Your Attitude

Today is a day of being in the now. It is time to practice being in the now and continue to practice, practice and practice. Through practice, one will find it easier to be in the now. It is through the practice of gratitude one becomes grateful for all that is given. Developing a practice of gratitude before getting up in the morning and before going to sleep makes you more aware of the small things throughout the day that say, “This is something I should be grateful for.”

You become more aware of how many things are a matter of grace, how easily things begin to flow to you and how the universe works with you and for you. When you are in a habit of saying at least five things to be grateful for before getting out of bed, you are starting your day with the right attitude instead of saying, “I must do this and this today and how will I get all of this done?” The practice of gratitude opens your heart and mind to much more. The universe sees what you are grateful for, knows you want more and gives you more to be thankful for.

By saying or writing down five gratitude statements at night before going to sleep, you are setting a positive attitude for the sleep state. For those going through difficult times and feeling they have nothing to be grateful for, take the time to write down five things every morning. Write each on a separate small piece of paper, fold each paper and place them in a small basket on your kitchen table.

You must sit and write at least five things. It may be, “I am grateful I got up this morning” or “I am grateful I am alive.” “I am grateful for a place to live.” “I am grateful for friends who are supporting me through these times.” Use whatever is appropriate for the situation instead of focusing on what you don’t have. You are creating a pattern of positive attitude and drawing more positive situations to you. Life can be a roller coaster; help yourself prepare for the downturns by making them less stressful through the practice of gratitude.

Write five gratitude notes every day before beginning your day. When you feel down, remove one from the basket and read it. Be grateful you have things to be grateful for. Then continue removing each piece of paper to read and feel thankful for what was written until you feel you can start your day with a better attitude. You might need to read each paper in the basket. Refold them and put them back into the basket for another day or repeat if needed. Then create five more.

Your gratitude practice can also be recorded in a journal if you like to reread previous gratitude notes. It may give you ideas for more notes of gratitude. By continuing to write using whatever method you prefer, you are creating a habit of gratitude and making it part of your day. Such a habit makes you more aware of the many things you have to be grateful for.

Throughout the day you become aware of just how truly blessed you are. During your prayers, thank God for being so truly blessed. You will find by doing so that more is given to you. It is not just saying the words, it is recognizing how blessed you are and truly feeling blessed. The heart opens when you put feeling and a sense of gratitude into your life. This helps you walk through troubled times knowing even it is a blessing in some way.

Be thankful for everything that happens to you. It may just be an easier lesson than it could have been. Gratitude brings grace into your life and allows you to live a life that flows; a life offering more than you could imagine as the universe gives you more to be thankful for. Gratitude is a tool and a gift you give yourself. Gratitude is also a gift you can give others anytime of the year.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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