Grace and Gratitude

Today’s message is one of grace, for it is by grace that what is needed is given. You see, when one follows the steps in his or her life’s plan, the universe will assist with each step and it will seem as if everything is falling into place. People may say you are lucky, but luck is not involved in any way. When following your life’s work, things such as meeting the right person will begin to align for you. Sometimes you are to assist the person and sometimes they are to assist you or there may be a mutual assistance needed. Yesterday was an example of this.

As I waited in line to ask questions about my new laptop, I began talking to a young girl also waiting to be assisted. The conversation with the CNM college student was quite comfortable as I inquired about her major. She had no idea as a sophomore what her career choice was even though others told her to be a nurse. That was exactly what came to my mind. She had no idea where or how to start to find out what she should do with her life. The conversation progressed with ideas of how to help her make her decision and how to determine what she really wanted to do with her life.

When she mentioned ministry, I also added that there were other areas she could branch into and could use in the health industry. This gave her food for thought and ideas on how to get her foot in the door to what her life’s plan would be. It also gave me some ideas and helped to solidify an idea I was considering covering even though it was something I had only offered to students in earlier years. The conversation was a win-win situation for both of us as I shared information about some of the beginning steps and overall process with the young lady.

Grace shows up in other ways. Sometimes when one is down, a smile from another helps to pick up the individual’s spirits. A young man using the word miss instead of ma’am cheers up an aging lady. It could also be a hand on the shoulder catching your attention to ask how you are doing. Even a heart-to-heart hug can cause a ripple effect to others and bring them back into the present. This is the gift one gives to others and receives again. That which is given out is received again in some way if it is given without expectation. As you extend to others, it is metered out to you.

Being grateful plays an important part in your life. Life isn’t only about serving you; it is also about serving others. By expecting things to be given to you, there is often times a lack of appreciation. Most baby boomers can tell you about their first apartment as newlyweds and how sparse the furniture was. If they had more than a couple of items, it was usually used, handed down from family or friends.

Today’s society has sometimes been called a throw-away society. Items are used and tossed instead of cherished and repaired; extending the life of the product, whether it is furniture, appliances, or clothes. The life span for most products has greatly decreased. Perhaps that says something about the children also. Are they becoming a generation that is also being thrown away in the sense of direction in their lives? Do you let them know how important they are to you?

They are also the ones who will be making the decisions for the future of this country and this world. Do they have the gift of gratitude for themselves and for others? People, especially children, are a gift that you give in this life, not only to yourselves but to the world. Gifts should be cherished and welcomed.

When you show gratitude for another, it is known and accepted as such. Things also have consciousness for they are made of energy lowered in vibration to a frequency of solidification. What does that say for all the things that are tossed aside, whether it be your ‘disposable’ everyday products, your appliances no longer made to last fifteen to twenty years, cell phones that last maybe as long as your plan or the computers and laptops that pile up in junk yards around the world. Yesterday’s ‘got to have it’ is replaced with today’s ‘new and improved’. How others are treated says something about you. How objects are treated also says something about people.

What is the message you want to give out to the world through your actions and your thoughts? What you give out is given back to you. Wake up and see the effects you have on others and determine your message to the world. Now is always the right time to do the right thing. There is a cry within you to return to the love that you are, not only for yourself but for others. This time of year is a time for being grateful for what you have, for the grace given to you and to cherish those in your life. May the holidays be a blessing to all.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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