Learn Your Lessons Well

I would like to inform you of your rights. You have the right to be happy and joyful as you love yourself unconditionally just as you are. You have the right to be free through free will and free choice. You have the right to do what you desire as long as it does not interfere with another’s freedom. These are the things you have given yourself. We say they are rights because you have free will and free choice on your planet.

In reality, in the upper realms, there is no right or wrong; there just is. Everything is as it is. You accept what is and learn to live with it. Not just live with it, but learn how things operate in each of the upper dimensions. There are rules in the higher dimensions. Do they work similar to the third platform? No. In these dimensions, everyone is equal and must follow the rules of what you might call nature for each realm. On the third platform, you have the rule of law that is to be followed. However, not everyone seems to be given the same judgment. In higher realms there is no judgment.

Then how do individuals know if they did not do something the way it should be? It either works or does not work. It is built into the structure. If what you try to do does not work, then try another way. You would know immediately if it worked or not. There is no judgment by others. Individuals work together to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. We mean this in a literal sense. It is not like sitting down and deciding what part of a project you will complete and then do your part. All work together and know what needs to be done. Others will assist you because it is for the highest good of all.

Are there individuals who mean you harm as there are on Earth? Earth, being a third dimensional platform consists of separation, right and wrong, rich and poor, etc. The upper dimensions do not have such a division. At this point on the Earth plane, your planet is moving into higher dimensions and in order to do so, you must remove all your baggage, the past stories you told yourself and the emotional stuff you have carried with you from those stories. When you do so, you will see the memories of the past falling away, almost as if they never existed, or perhaps you feel like none of that existed. The past is falling away. You might feel you are getting Alzheimer’s disease or dementia at an early age. Even remembering things from the recent past may have escaped your memory.

In higher realms, all is known. By that, we mean you have access to the information anywhere it is needed. You will also learn to create what you desire without having to find all the materials and make it as you now do on Earth. It is like placing an order and it is immediately delivered to you without going through the post office or another delivery service. Your companies on Earth are trying to create faster deliveries such as a local pickup or drones delivering a package to you. This will never come close to the manifesting an individual can do while sitting relaxed and bringing the desired product to him or herself. Your ancient ones such as shamans and others who worked on higher planes knew of such things and understood the opportunity and had the ability to use it.

As your Earth moves into a place of higher energy, there will continue to be upheaval before things settle down into the world that the people desire. Until then, work on yourself. Ask what you need to learn next and also ask for the assistance or guidance needed to accomplish it. Become a master of your lessons so your actions will not be just a reaction as things are now on Earth. Practice when you do not need it so you will be prepared for when you do.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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