What is Within is Without

All is well. This may seem difficult to believe at this time when there are marches, protests and so many government personnel that are off work.

Look at what is going on behind the scenes of the world stage. Things are never what they seem. Following the money usually tells you what is occurring behind the scenes. We have said many times that there is a war going on. In the United States, there always seems to be a war of some kind; war on terrorism, war on global warming or a war being declared against another nation at some level.

This is typical of the third dimension. It is the war of divide and conquer. Who is the enemy of the people? Look within. Are you divided within yourself or have you brought peace and joy into your inner world? All starts from within. You may remember we have told you in order to love someone else, you must love yourself first. This also applies to bringing your world together. If you are divided within or your inner world is at war with itself, then how can you expect peace and harmony around you?

How do you find peace within? Go within and begin to remove that which is not in harmony, just as we asked you to do with clearing out your house, but this time it is your inner house and world. Once you have removed what no longer serves you, then begin to add what you want your world to be. Create it by choosing what you desire. Become the person you always wanted to be. This can be done through meditation.

If you feel you have already cleared out your inner world and replaced it with what you wanted, then it is time to look outside of yourself. Some may see war and division while you see changes being made to coordinate with the world you have within. The outer world may take more time to change since it involves the collective. However, by you changing your world, others will see you and create the world from within also. It is a matter of others joining in to create a better world. It is not through wars; it is through love and peace that you will find the way.

War creates more war and displacement. Peace brings forth more peace. It is easier in the higher realms to create the peace you want than it is in the third dimension where others are still battling within and without.

Words are important and so are your actions. Instead of basing your decisions on what a person may say, look also at what they do. Some say, “Actions speak louder than words.” In your third dimensional world, this is very true. Look for who is sponsoring the actions; in other words, follow the money. Did they create the problem? If so, are they also providing the resolution? If this is the case, which it oftentimes is, then look for their agenda. Sales people use this to sell their wares. What is being sold to you?

Meditate and ask the questions you need to ask to get your answers. All of your answers are within and around you, for the answer remains always in the space where the question was asked. If you have not finished clearing out your inner house and the space around you in your home, it is time to do so. How can you make good judgments when your mind and the space around you is cluttered with so many things? Take care of you first and the rest will follow.

Wishing you love in all that you do,




Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

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