Let Your Light Shine

We are in the darkest time of the year in the U.S. It is also a time to celebrate and decorate with lights to lift the spirits of others and to bring more light into the world.

While answering some questions for an individual who was well aware of her path, she asked about a situation she had experienced that threw her into total fear and unaware of how to handle it. The same situation had been addressed by me approximately sixteen years ago. She talked about the deep darkness that scared her recently but she did not know how to handle it. There was absolutely no light that she could see and the heavy darkness frightened her.

Later that night, I was reminded of how it was overcome by me.

Your light is always with you. Ask that your light shines so you can see it. “Show me my light” may need to be repeated more than once. When you do see your light, tell it to expand and continue expanding until you are no longer in such fear.

Let your light shine to remind others who they are and to turn on their light also.

Wishing You Well,



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