Fear in ‘Higher’ Dimensions

As a clairvoyant, when moving to New Mexico, I began seeing things from the other side more clearly as if living in two worlds. Beings from other environments and worlds and those from past lifetimes showed up. At the time, I did not know why the confrontations and attacks were occurring or how to stop them. The best way to understand is to give you the situations and how they were overcome.

There was an overwhelming sense of fear as I tried to come back into the body one morning; something never felt before or since. Suddenly, something jumped onto my bed, against the side of my left leg. It then jumped to the outer side of my right leg as something else had taken its place on my left side. The fear dissipated and I realized that two of my previous cats were protecting me. Yes, your pets, former family members, loved ones and angels can protect you.

The most common response that works is to say, “Help”, either mentally or out loud. While my husband was in a hospital, I rented a room in a house a few blocks away. The basement consisted of four rooms; one at the bottom of the steps made me a little uncomfortable passing by it. After walking back late one night, passing quietly by the supposedly rented other room, I decided to just sleep instead of brushing my teeth, etc. As I started to move into the sleep state, there was a sense of someone coming down the hallway. Once he or she turned the corner toward my room, I verified the locked door as the being moved through it. The bed sank as if someone had just sat on it. Mentally, the word ‘help’ was sent out. Immediately the being was removed. This gives permission to your angels, guides, etc., to assist you since Earth is a free will, free choice planet. One must ask for assistance before they can step in.

The frightening beings seen by me after moving to New Mexico were removed from my presence by different means. One way was to dress them up as a clowns. If that does not work, then laugh at them. Laughter is a higher vibration. Those in the lower dimensions cannot handle the higher frequencies. Most of them come from the lower fourth dimension; the astral planes. These beings will try to convince you they are higher beings.

Another way to get rid of something you see is to bring it into your third eye and see it for what it is. Watch it and you will see it is just energy. Everything is energy. Energy can only be changed. It cannot be destroyed. If you wish, change it to something different.

You may find those from past lifetimes attacking you by taking your energy. When this happened, I used meditation and began to ‘talk’ to my guides, plus assistance from another person to get the full story. All I saw were beings in transparent white, like ghosts, addressing me by my first name and flying through me. In a past life, I assisted others by releasing their ‘stuff’. This time, they were dropping their unsupported energies on me and taking my energy. To heal the situation, I talked to them saying in order to move forward, they needed to do their own work and know that they could do so. I would not assist them anymore. It was said with compassion for them and they were told I believed in them and knew they could do it.

The last way to deal with others is to know nothing can harm you unless you allow it. If you do not say ‘no’, they will take it as a ‘yes’ and act on it. You cannot waver or be uncertain when you say ‘no.’ Tell them, “You have no power over me. Be gone.” If they do not leave, be firm and say, “I command you to leave now.” They must leave. If they do not, call in Archangel Michael to remove them, using please and thank you.

You may or may not be faced with such experiences; however, if you are, you will have some ways to deal with them or to assist others who need help.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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