Faith and Trust

It is time to think about your future. It seems strange to think about your future when there is so much going on in the present and all the troubling times your nation faces. The future is also before you and you need to think about moving into the fifth dimension, elsewhere, or staying on the earth plane.

You have had the opportunity to release the judgment you were hanging on to. The level of anger has certainly risen, giving those who still hold judgment the opportunity to release it at the perfect time. So many of you have felt or are still feeling the sadness and depression of recent times and do not know where to turn.

Phase four in the ascension process is about trusting, trusting in something without needing proof. Trust and faith go hand in hand. You must have faith, which is to believe in a positive outcome such as our planet moving into the fifth dimension. Have faith that you will be enlightened. Enlightenment means to see or know all sides of the coin instead of just looking at the side you want to see. Understand what is happening in your world. It is not just people rioting because they think they should be given what they want, and all their demands must be met.

Your country was founded on hard work and belief in God. Does the younger generation hold such values or were they even taught these values? When you see the riots and looting, one would think not. Why do people feel they are owed things just because they live in this country? Is it fair to take from others what others have worked all their lives to accomplish? Why do others owe you? Is it because they exist? We all exist. Parents may have been lacking in teaching their children well. It does not matter whose fault it is. It just is.

Everyone believes in something. You do not need proof to believe in something. Faith is believing without proof. It is like walking a path where the end result cannot be seen. Believe in yourself if you cannot believe in anything else. Have faith that you are always protected and guided, and you will be. Can you at least have faith that the sun will rise this morning and set at night? You do not have proof that it always will, but you still have faith that it will.

In America, most people believe in God. Some may say they have experienced God’s assistance when it was asked for so that is their proof. Do you always need proof? No. Sometimes you meet someone, and you feel you can trust the individual to assist you with whatever the problem is. That is faith, believing in something or someone without proof.

When chaos exists, people are more willing to trust others or believe in someone or something. During these crazy times, people put trust in those elected to lead in their state. Many who have are finding their leaders do not have their constituents’ interest in mind. They are looking toward something other than your Constitution and Bill of Rights. Who do you trust and have faith in? Faith and trust in God is a good place to start. He is a great listener.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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