Relax and Take Care

Today is another rough day as you ride the waves of the shift. Even though we talk about the shift as if it were one big event, it is a series of energy waves that occur. The wave goes out and then returns to shore before extending and expanding itself further. This is what is occurring in the present. The shift will continue for some time, allowing for the integration of the energy between the waves. If the shift occurred as one movement, it would be like an overwhelming tsunami instead of waves.

We realize many of you are experiencing headaches, dizziness and body aches and pains. Some have broken out with rashes and itching, wondering if it is the measles that are going around or something else. Some feel as if they have no energy or do not feel like eating anything while others are finding new allergies. Be more aware of what you are eating. Stay organic if possible and eat nourishing foods; your body still needs to be supported.

Bless your food so it is more supportive of you, especially if you cannot eat organic foods. Place your open hands on each side of your plate facing each other. Ask that the food, water and supplements be blessed and raised to their highest vibration and that which is beneficial be used by the body and that which is not beneficial to the body pass on through. At your morning meal, also ask that all food, water and supplements that you partake of throughout the day be blessed and raised to its highest vibration. If you forget to bless your food at each meal or snacks, it is already taken care of for the day.

Many of you are choosing to stay home due to the weather or just wanting to feel comfortable in your own surroundings. Whatever works for you is a good idea. Today’s energy is an improvement over yesterday. It may not be very consoling to you, but it is the best we can do for now. You are receiving assistance from others also to keep you comfortable during these times. Stay grounded by standing or walking barefoot in grass.

You may find someone is playing games with you. Maybe your guides are just trying to assist you in finding your laughter again during these trying times. Our co-author, Mary, has experienced her throw disappearing from her sofa, then finding it on the sofa after searching all other places. Yesterday, it was one of her vitamins she had set on the counter. After picking up the jar from the cupboard, she looked down and saw it right where it should have been. Mary has always tried to keep things light by playing little games with her guides when she was bored. Now they are returning the favor.

These are challenging times for everyone and we suggest that you find what works for you. Include some of your pleasure foods as snacks if that helps. We realize this is not an easy situation for you since the outside world is also changing. The separation is more obvious. Choose to do whatever makes you comfortable and take care of yourself.

Your pets and the animals are also experiencing the energies. Be tolerant of them and you may need to give them a little extra attention. They may also desire to sleep more during these times.

This is the first time that a planet and its residents are moving from the third dimension into higher planes. This is why you are receiving assistance from others who want you to succeed. Rest when needed and take care of yourself. We are here to assist you. Call on us and we will assist you.

Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel and Sri Yukteswar

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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