Keeping Your Energy in the Fifth Dimension

Earth is in the fifth dimension and all its residents must also be at the same dimension in order to stay on the earth. You may have experienced feeling out of balance, having low energy or just not feeling right.

We are connected to the earth and our balance can be affected by the earth. Earthing, grounding and gardening are ways to connect with the earth’s energy. Earthing is a way of connecting to the earth as you sleep. It can be a special bed sheet with tiny wires running through it and a cord to plug into the grounding hole in a wall outlet. Earthing companies also offer a rod that is placed into the ground when camping.

Grounding is an easier and cheaper method of receiving the earth’s energy. You could walk on grass or place a chair on the lawn and place your bare feet flat on the grass or dirt or you could sit on the grass with your hands and feet connecting to the ground. How long do you need to walk or sit connecting your body with the earth? Some individuals say it takes about an hour to feel recharged, balanced and energized again. I usually try to do a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes. If I am really dragging or not feeling well, I will lay on the grass longer.

Your body is like a battery that needs recharging by the energy of the earth. Many individuals enjoy gardening, planting and getting their hands into the soil. Gardeners will often say they feel better when they get their hands dirty.

The sun can also benefit you with vitamin D and, if done in the early morning, it helps reset your sleep cycle if needed. You must be grounded if you plan to continue staying on Earth and doing your work. Placing plants in your house can also help to clear the air and unsupported energy.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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