Dealing with the Energy Waves

May was a rough month for individuals. Many have decided they need to move. Some people feel they are losing their memory or have Alzheimer’s disease. Feeling off kilter and functioning as if a zombie just going through the motions seems to continue to be the norm. Many are experiencing illness from their past and/or strange related experiences from a past situation are coming up to be dealt with. In order to move forward, we have to stay in the present and release past baggage.

Make sure you are grounded and that your chakras are not shut down. An easy way to ground is to walk barefoot in the grass for about ten minutes or sit in a chair with your feet in the grass. If you have body work done, make sure you are grounded before driving. Talking to someone for several minutes or looking into a mirror for several minutes might also work for you.

Many individuals are staying home since the energy is better than what is going on outside. See the outside world as a parallel world or a theatre play. What is going on outside has nothing to do with you.  If you do go out, just ask that you are protected, getting to your destination and all other places you are going to and back home again safely. There are other ways to protect you. This method, however, is the current tool that is working for me. Drivers are not focusing on their driving or are not fully grounded in the body.

What is going on elsewhere in the world has nothing to do with you. All you can do is say a pray or bless the situation and prepare for what may happen in your area. I have heard people say we do not have earthquakes and we are protected here. Yes we do have earthquakes; the Rio Grande absorbs the numerous small daily shakes. We have very high winds, especially in the spring and flash floods at times. Whatever your area is prone to is what you should be ready for. Of course, keep a little extra food and water on hand no matter where you live.

When things from the past come up, there are several ways to deal with the situation. If you have set up a connection for your grounding cord to dump the unsupportive thoughts into the earth below your feet, then use that method. I use my thumb and middle finger on my non-dominant hand to touch and then release the connection. I usually mentally say, ‘dump’ or ‘dump it down the grounding cord.’ If you catch yourself thinking about past events or would have, could have or should have, mentally say, ‘cancel, clear and replace with unconditional love’ or whatever else you choose to replace the unsupportive thoughts with.

Another method to remove your mind from past events is to mentally say to yourself, ‘That was then and this is now and I am okay.’ Laughing it off can also work and can take you to a higher dimension. If you can stay in that higher dimension, then all the past stuff or baggage from your third dimension will fall away. Use what works for you or create your own. These are just some of the tools that tend to work. When a situation occurs, try different ways of resolving the situation. It is best to use them whenever you can so when the situation worsens, you will know your tool and be able to remember them instead of going into fear.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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