When Something No Longer Works

As you move into the higher frequencies or dimensions, things begin to change. What worked yesterday no longer works for you. What should you do? Sometimes, whatever you are using or have used in the past can be tweaked.

As an empath, I keep myself heavily protected and know those who intentionally dump their stuff on me or will attack me in various ways. Instead of using sage to clear my house, I was using another method for light workers. I began noticing my cat was still aware of some unsupportive energy I was unable to see. Since sage takes so much time, I decided to tweak an old method.

My guides suggested an exercise used about sixteen years ago. I could see how to tweak the exercise and keep it simple at the same time. For my home, I do the following for my bedroom:

Fill a glass with tap water about 2/3 full. Place hands on either side of the glass with palms around the glass. Ask that the water be raised to its highest vibration and filled with Prime Source’s unconditional love.

Then command,

“Any and all entities, beings, energies, spirits and others must first pass through this glass of water filled with Prime Source’s unconditional love before entering my bedroom. Otherwise, you must leave and are not allowed to be here. So be it.”

The glass of water is placed on a small table by my bedroom door. The water is changed each morning and the process is repeated. When I am having company over, I do the same procedure except I place the glass next to the front door on a shelf. Unsupportive energies are to be left outside my front door until the individual leaves my home and the energies can leave with the person they came with.

When I go out, instead of using a shield of mirrors all around me facing out in all directions and coated in Teflon, I am removing the mirrors and using just a shield of Teflon or lead. Lead will stop the entities from attaching or attacking you. The Teflon allows them to slide off.

The fourth dimension is all about love and compassion. This last method is more compassionate. The entities may be abhorred by seeing themselves in the mirrors, having no idea of what they really look like. Everyone needs a little more compassion.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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