Welcome to a New Year

For many of us, we are trying to finish up things we started in 2017. More and more people are waking up as third dimension continues to crumble and more individuals are stepping into the fifth dimensional world. The veils are down and those of us who are in the fifth dimension or beyond may be seeing things differently.

Be aware of your surroundings, especially when driving. This past week, while pulling up to a stop light in an empty lane, the lane to my right was packed bumper to bumper. Suddenly, I saw an older car come through the right lane (yes, through other cars) at an angle as if from a vortex and make a sharp turn in front of me before stopping. If I hadn’t reacted as I did, my car would have hit the other car. This is the second similar situation in the last year.

I have also watched individuals from other dimensions walking in the same room as me.  The individuals are becoming more solid in form. As an empath, stronger boundaries are needed since what worked before may not work the same.

As things continue to change, 2018 will also have some disruptive events that are nature and man-made. Unless you are directly affected by an event, let it pass by instead of attaching to it. I was shown some turmoil in late April or into May.

This will be a good year for creating individually and collectively and for stepping into your purpose, what you came here in this lifetime to do. Since 2018 carries a master number of 11 and more are awakening to who they are, this year will be a powerful year for creating what you intend to create. As you move into higher dimensions, your thoughts manifest more quickly.

Archangel Michael reminds us to watch our thoughts: As you think, therefore it is. Thoughts are powerful. They can be powerful weapons to yourself and to others. Choose to use your words wisely; for you will live by those you speak unto yourself and those given to others.

May this year be a blessing to all, filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.




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