Joy – A Choice

Is joy a state of being or just a feeling? Maybe it is our birthright instead; our inheritance, since it seems to be a natural way of life when one is born. Our joy tends to be repressed while more and more hardships or challengers face us as we grow. We begin looking outside of ourselves for our own joy.

When you meet another who ignites your joy, you believe the other person brings the joy to you. Instead, it is just the remembrance of your joy within yourself. When the person leaves, many think the joy left with that person. It did not. Each moment is a choice, a choice of how you wish to experience life. One may choose to view life as difficult and unfair or he/she can thank God for whatever happens to him/her knowing it may be karma or a contract with another in order to experience an event for a lesson. We do not always know or understand why something happens, but we do have control over our attitude about the situation. You can change your future to one of being thankful for everything by choosing the attitude of gratitude. By creating a positive from what most perceive as negative, the cloud of depression that could have reigned above your head does not exist. When the lessons are finished, there is just gratitude and more joy to flood into your heart. Joy is the energy of the fifth dimension and chaos is the energy of third dimension.

Which would you rather choose? Moment by moment you live your life and make choices. It is always your choice. Be thankful for whatever happens and look for the lesson and the blessing within the results.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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