Benefits of Gratitude

Often times, one does not see the benefit of a situation or understand why he/she should be grateful. While the situation itself may feel or seem horrendous, you do not know the grace behind it. Therefore, be thankful for whatever comes your way. Sometimes it is karma or a lesson playing out from past life situations.

Past life situations were shown to me which helped me understand why some things happened in this lifetime, why I reacted the way I did to certain people and situations, and why my body still reacts the way it does toward certain individuals.

On my first visit to a new doctor, my throat began to tighten and it became difficult to breathe. My first reaction was that the scented soap in the restroom was the culprit. Washing my hands with just water offered little relief and it took awhile to recover. Pursuing it further, one of the ladies working at the front desk had past life issues with me. She hung me several times in different past lives. The situation gave me the opportunity to release it from cellular memory and to be grateful for the opportunity to do so.

In another lifetime, a friend poisoned my shrimp before I ate it. The only time I ever reacted to shrimp in this lifetime was when I ate shrimp with her at a restaurant. What was the gift in these situations in my current life? The gift was that my body was letting me know something was stored in cellular memory that wanted and needed to be released. We cannot take our baggage with us into higher planes.

When I visited New Mexico with the intention of possibly living here, the visions made sleep almost obsolete. As a clairvoyant, past lifetimes ran as videos across my mind throughout the night, from a lifetime as a nomad in northwestern New Mexico to the various Indian lifetimes often as a warrior or Shaman. Violent deaths from past lives came up and were released also. Some releases left me feeling as if a heavy weight had been lifted. That which no longer serves must be released to allow for something better to replace it.

Another benefit of gratitude is if you remain in the moment, are grateful for what happens and deal with whatever occurs instead of ignoring it, then any karma or lesson being dealt with will not need to return as a more difficult lesson. When karma or a lesson is ignored, it will continue to return until it is an up close and in-your-face situation, no longer to be ignored. Being grateful or thankful for whatever happens to you can also bring grace. This is a very auspicious lifetime where much can be released so we can move forward on our path more quickly.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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