Dream Bigger


When we say open your mind and dream what is possible, we do not take this lightly. We do mean beyond your wildest dreams. Humans tend to think small. The masses have spent a long time on the third dimension where things are very limiting. It is like a small child on the first day of school. The child has no idea what to expect and is a little unsure about how to act or whether she will make friends. She can only imagine what it will be like based on what has been told to her by her parents or siblings. How she perceives it is based on her expectations and how she reacts to the way she is treated. This sets her mood, how she will perceive the school year and her attitude toward school. This is true of many things.

Be open to things that are to occur; see them as beautiful as the world transforms itself with those who reside on the planet. Be open to what many of you will call miracles. Allow yourself to go beyond your imagination by extending an invitation to this or something better than. ‘This or something better than’ opens up to other possibilities beyond the third dimension; what you call miracles.

All things are possible when you believe. This is what we ask you to do today. Be open and extend the invitation to allow the universe to create something better. This allows you to be in awe of what is possible and to dream even bigger.

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