A Shadow of Our Life

“May the darkness on the Earth be but a shadow of our light.”

If what is within is without, then the darkness on the Earth is but the shadow of our light, our partner waiting for us to make our changes within.

What changes do you choose to make? Do you choose to sit in fear; to hide under the blankets of your childhood, or to turn on the hall light or the night light? Or, do you choose to find out what your darkness is before it reaches the Earth? If we are all one, we have all contributed to that darkness.

It is the collective shadow of our light. To change it, we must know it and love it; not fear it. Everything was created out of love and is love. Fear creates more fear. Love creates more love. What we choose as a collective consciousness will depend on each individual soul. Again, you say I am but one; what can I do? Maybe it is just something as simple as love.

Love begins with the individual. If you do not love yourself, how can you love someone else? Love is there, within. Get to know yourself. Face yourself in the mirror, no matter how tough it is at first. Relax and look beyond the physical and see your true self. See the Soul through your eyes. Ask for help in knowing who you really are. Sit in silence and release the mind chatter by setting it aside.

And so begins your journey into love and knowing who you really are. There is great love here.


Wishing you love in all that you do,






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