On your journey, most of you will reunite with your soul as your soul begins to work with you and to experience your purpose. From there, you will choose to walk with your god. It sounds very simple. It is. We are so used to making things difficult and have a hard time believing things can be simple. It is a flow of life and the natural way things are. God cares for you and loves you very much. He loves all of his creations. Through creation, the Creator wishes to experience, express love and enjoy His creations.

Whatever you create in life is your creation. Are you enjoying it? If not, then choose to create something different. It is through positive thoughts that the mind can be changed and reprogrammed to your desired outcome. Thoughts create patterns around you, drawing to you what you give focus to and wish to experience. What do you wish to experience in your life?

There are no magic words. When you ask for something, ask from the heart. Do not just sit back after asking, wondering how or when you will receive what you asked for. You must show that you want whatever you asked for. If you want to be a champion in your field, then you need to train and to work towards it. There are others in your field who also wish to be a champion.

You must define your meaning of the word champion. Do you want to be in The Guinness Book of World Records? If you are a tennis player, do you want to play or win at Wimbledon? You must be specific when you ask and then prepare for it as if you already have it.

If it is a new car, then keep a space in your garage for it and say to yourself, “This is where my (model and make) car is to be parked.” Keep the space vacant and use an affirmation to assist you in holding your belief. Another way is to thank God for what you want as if it has already been received and then continue to work for it also. Trust, believe and know it is yours.

You must trust and believe it to be true. If you do not feel you deserve whatever you asked for, then you will not receive it. There is no room for doubt in the higher realms. As you learn to create and practice creation, then you will find it becomes easier. Others may step forward to assist you. You are also responsible for what you create.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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