Creating Without Limits

All things are possible. Do not doubt this; for it is with firm belief that one creates. Creation is what many of you came to do. As children of God, you have the ability to create what you desire. God created you and saw that you were good and gave you the opportunity to have free will and free choice, wishing you to choose to love Him. As creators, you also wish to create. Many of you seek music, art and other forms of creation. As your planet moves into the fifth dimension, turning the corner of this long journey back to God, you will have the opportunity to create many more things and at a higher level.

It is at higher levels that things become interesting to you, for there are no limitations to what you can create other than the limitations of your beliefs. The body becomes the anchor, keeping you grounded as you bring heaven to Earth.

You often see the tree of life as what one may see as a tree with branches looking as if they were roots, often barren of leaves or a tree upside down. You not only anchor your roots into Earth for the physical nourishment of your body, but also with heaven or into the higher planes where one can work with nature and the higher elements and beings to create what you choose to bring into your life. Think big; then think bigger. All is there to assist you. So we challenge or ask you today what do you choose to create? How do you choose to bring forth your love?

Most humans become overwhelmed with that question. Third dimension is gone as Earth is being restructured into a new world. Third dimension showed many of you who you were not. This allowed you to see what you did not want. Now it is time to see what you do want.

How does one stay grounded and work through the body, yet create in higher planes? We will be assisting you in how to get the most out of the little things that you take for granted and turn into what many call a moving meditation. Life is a meditation.

Over the years, most of you have heard the saying, ‘Life is a dream’. We choose to show you how to live life in a different way―one of joy, love, peace and abundance. This is about maximizing what you choose to do and receiving the most from the daily things you do. It is about making your life one of joy in all that you do, from the mundane to the special moments.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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