Creating with Gratitude

It seemed strange; yet, somehow giving thanks for what I wanted felt more positive than thinking about everything wrong with life. A life of flow and friends was given up for one of the unknown, more lessons and definitely more challenges. The challenges were there to break me down and to rebuild me in a different way; one that would make me stronger. My guides called it an adventure.

Many things were learned about gratitude. Being thankful for what was wanted, even though I did not yet have it, brought the item to me faster than just asking for something. My furniture, lost for nearly a month by the moving company, was an example of this.

To receive my furniture as soon as possible after almost a month, I borrowed a vacuum to clean the apartment and then drew out a sketch of the apartment and where each piece of furniture would be placed. The sketch was reviewed daily and affirmations and gratitude were given daily for the arrival. The call came and the furniture was delivered the same date given in meditation. Thanks was given to God.

When you use gratitude to help in receiving something, you must take action as if it is already received. There must be no doubt. Doubt is a lower level energy which takes you into a lower frequency or vibration, keeping you from receiving messages from those assisting you in the higher realms. You must believe it in your heart without wavering.

When first told about gratitude and the power it held, I had no idea where to start. New concepts often hit us that way. Often times, people don’t know where to start and those who introduce the idea to you don’t really know what to say other than just list the things you are grateful for.

When I first started, I looked at everything and felt it was all too obvious; therefore, it must not be what I was supposed to say. In reality, everything is simple and we are the ones who make it difficult because we think it is supposed to be difficult in order to do the work. It doesn’t have to be. I was lucky enough to find a list years ago of twenty-five things to be thankful for. It was an impressive list and I used that and added to it until I finally released the list and became more comfortable with what was more spontaneous and authentic to me each day instead of a rote repeat without the emotion.

There’s nothing like a heart-felt appreciation for what occurs during your day and your thoughts in the early morning. For me, I want to start my day being thankful. So I use what a good friend once told me to do to overcome depression and to find the joyful, loving, laughing person I had been. Even though that person no longer existed, I could at least renew the characteristics I once had.

Every morning I wake up and thank God for another day. Each day is a gift for us to express our joy in the human body. In joy we are to live our lives. Somehow we forgot this along the way.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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