What do You Mean I Have Contracts?

Whether you are aware of it or not, all of us have made contracts. Before we came into this lifetime, each of us set contracts into place to do something; such as, someone assisting you in learning a lesson or to help you in other ways. The person you choose or who volunteers to help may be a former family member or friend from the past or current lifetime.

While your physical body sleeps, you are busy working either on the other side, by assisting others here on earth or maybe working with the angelic or the elemental kingdoms. Those that you may work with at night or others that you may encounter when going into or during the sleep state, or even when you are re-entering your physical body in the morning may also ask you to make a contract with them.

How do you know if a contract is being offered to you? While all of us are born with the ability to see, hear, sense, know or feel things, our parents and others tend to encourage us to suppress these skills. Yet most of us have at least one of these gifts somewhat active. For example, I am a clairvoyant and have learned that when a rose, bouquet or ring is shown to me, a contract is being offered. If you do not say “no,” then it is assumed that you are saying, “yes.”

How do you know what the contract is for? Sometimes you may be given a vision of the other individual or a knowingness of what the contract is. If no explanation is given, then ask for clarification or that it be presented to the third dimensional you so that it is understood. You can also pre-set limits by saying you will not accept contracts that are harmful to anyone, including yourself. It must be something that you can easily do without it interfering or affecting your life in an unsupportive way.

I used to set perimeters because so many contracts were being offered to me. After understanding some of the contracts made before coming into this life, I decided not to take on any more. If you do not choose to accept any contracts, it is best to negate contracts by saying, for example, “I place all contracts in the big double-shredder in the sky.” This should be done in the morning before you get out of bed and in the evenings when you go to bed. Contracts can made at night or during the day without you realizing it.

You are also making contracts for something you would like assistance with. The other individual may ask you for something in return. It may be something simple such as directing the individual to where he or she needs to be for whatever reason or saving them for an accident. It can also be more complex. Make sure you understand before you agree or accept the contract.

Vows from the present and past lifetimes may also be negated. A vow is a promise. Perhaps in a former lifetime you vowed to love another person forever and ever. Such a vow may affect this or future lifetimes and it may be a good idea to release them.

Here is what I use for vows and contracts before I go to the sleep state and when I wake up in the morning: “I intend and demand to destroy all vows and contracts. I rescind all vows, totally and completely nullifying them. All contracts I place in the big double shredder in the sky.”

Hopefully, this gives you some insight of how vows and contracts can affect you and give you an alternative to cancel them if desired.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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