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As an observer, there is much going on in the world. The amount of fear is being spread via the Coronavirus. Let us take a look at it from a metaphysical point of view and from a practical viewpoint.

Using Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them. (Hay, Louise L. (1988) Hay House Inc.: Carlsbad, California.), I looked up Influenza, Respiratory Ailments and Viral Infections to see what she had to say about the cause and how to change the pattern.

For Influenza, the stated probable cause was from a response to mass negativity and beliefs and from fear and belief in statistics. To change it, use “I am beyond beliefs or the calendar. I am free from all congestion and influence.” (p. 44)

For Respiratory Ailments, the probable cause was fear of taking in life fully. To change it, use: “I am safe. I love my life.” (p. 60)

For Viral Infections, the stated probable cause was lack of joy flowing through life and bitterness. The new thought to replace it would be, “I lovingly allow joy to flow freely in my life. I love me.”(p. 71)

Notice the theme of fear instead of living in joy and being in the flow of life. Recent posts have dealt with the topic of fear and that it is coming forward to be released from your cellular level. The fear of your past life aspects experienced at death must be released. There was so much fear that it was carried over to affect life physically and economically. Individuals feel stressed, not knowing what to do to avoid being sick. A friend in California is doing a self-isolation for five weeks since it may take two or more weeks for the symptoms to show up. Self-isolation allows you time to do the things you have put off and to do some fun things in life.

One of the most important ways to protect yourself is washing your hands. Since hand sanitizer is short in supply and extremely expensive on the internet, here is a recipe to make your own:

               Hand Sanitizer
  •  1/3 c. pure Aloe Vera gel
  •  8 to 10 drops of essential oil
  •  2/3 c. rubbing alcohol (70% alcohol concentration or higher)

The masks help keep you from touching your face. Most individuals do not realize just how often they do touch their face. Your eyes, nose, ears and mouth and any cuts in your skin are an easy entry way for the virus.

If you can, give yourself some downtime to release, de-stress and put some joy in your life. Body work is one way to help your body to de-stress and to release fear from the cellular level. Take time for you to relax. Stay positive and find your joy again.


Wishing you love in all that you do,



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