Nature and Humanity

Just as nature works in community between plants and various other aspects, we also work with nature. Nature relies on us as much as we rely on it.

You probably remember from biology that as we breathe, we exhale carbon dioxide which plants use and reciprocate by creating oxygen for us to breathe.

We rely on nature to provide our food and herbs and use bark and leaves for medicines. However, our foods are not as nutrient packed as they once were, far from it. Some people buy organic while others cannot afford it, but you can increase the quality of what food you do buy. By blessing your food, you are raising the energy of the food from ten to thirty percent.

Dehydrated foods should also be blessed since the life force is less than ten percent. After preparing the food according to directions, bless it. If you are not sure how to do so, here is an example. Place your open hands on both sides of the bowl or plate of food with your fingers together or you can place your cupped hands over the food and say, either out loud or to yourself: “Heavenly Father (or God), thank you for this food and water and all food, water and supplements which I partake of throughout the day and night. May it all be blessed and raised to its highest vibration. May that which is beneficial be used by the body and that which is not pass on through.”

This is a blanket blessing for everything you take in throughout the day. I like to use it in the morning in case I forget to do a blessing at a later meal. It does not hurt to do so at each meal. Preparing and then blessing the dehydrated food raises the life force energy you receive by twenty to forty percent.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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