Back to Nature

For some, today is just another day of staying home due to the virus. It seems like the virus will never end and so many are being frustrated over not being able to work to support their families. Life becomes monotonous and the fun seems to be gone. It is time to get back into nature and to enjoy its beauty or connect with nature perhaps for the first time. We are a part of nature.

Sit outside, listen to the birds and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Put your feet in the grass or hug a tree for ten minutes. It will assist you in releasing unsupportive energy and the connection with grass and the earth will ground you. You will feel more balanced by doing so. Notice how nature works. Enjoy watching the flight of the hawks gliding high above or the chatter of the birds welcoming the day as you wake up. There is a beauty and connection with the earth and all of its residents. Stop and pay attention to the colors of the flowers when you take a walk.

Enjoy nature. It can take you to a place where you are relaxed and at peace with yourself and the world around you. You may find the answers to your questions come more readily. Get to know how nature operates and its laws. What are the laws? Watch nature and learn. The American Indians listened to the sounds and when the sounds stopped. They watched the flow of the water and used the waters to move logs.

Nature is here for us to use if we follow her laws. Perhaps it is time for us to get back to the mother and learn from her. Be in the flow of nature and know when to use it. Watch the animals and see how they prepare for seasonal changes and follow their lead. Notice the changes of the seasons and how animals prepare for the changes. Squirrels store nuts for the colder times coming. Perhaps they are showing us what we need to do.

Most individuals never thought about preparing for colder weather or for meager times. I have grown two peach trees and I look forward to the fall when the fruit is picked and frozen to enjoy throughout the years. Because of the shift in wind patterns, there was only one peach on one tree and no more than a handful on the other tree. Other countries have had changes in their weather for the past two or three years.

Perhaps it is time to buy some extra canned goods and store some water for times when you are unable to get to the store or another disaster or lockdown occurs. It never hurts to keep some emergency supplies. Let nature be your guide. In the future, we will rely more on nature.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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