Love and Community

Love comes in many forms. How love is presented to you is up to you. What one perceives as love may be very different from what another perceives love to be. It will depend on the lessons you have to learn.

For some, love today involves what you would call verbal abuse or mental and emotional abuse. Individuals often do not recognize it as such until later in life due to suppression. It is often suppressed in children, allowing them to cope with the situation at the time. Later in life it will return as a realization ready to be released. It is up to the individual to recognize and release it when the time is right.

People see love in many ways. In the third dimension it is viewed as love for a child, a spouse, a family member or friend. For most people, it is a feeling; an internal feeling. We wish to remind you that love is much more than this.

The other person allows you to feel the love you have within for yourself. Love brings out the best in a person. It does not disappear nor do people ‘fall out of love’ as humans call it. The other person may no longer assist you in feeling the love that you are. The person was there for awhile. What they came to assist you with has been done and sometimes they are ready to move on. Sometimes it was you who moved forward while the other individual did not.

Contracts are often made with former family members from other lifetimes to assist one another in a future lifetime. The form this experience needs to be expressed as will depend on you and what is needed by you.

The easiest way to enter the fifth dimension is through love. One must love him or herself unconditionally just as you are. This means that you accept yourself just as you are. In the fifth dimension love becomes more expansive as it also becomes love for others and community.

People will be working together for the betterment of all and to the detriment of none. Each supports the other members of the community in whatever way is necessary. If one is sick, others will assist in their care. One may be helping another get their business started. It may be through money if money is still being used in the fifth dimension, or it may be by sharing what they have that another needs. Whatever is needed will be given. It does not mean some individuals can sit back and live off others. All are working for the betterment of the community. It is all shared with love for one another.

People want to contribute and feel they are an important member of the community, as important as anyone else in the community. Each has a talent or skill. No one is more important than anyone else. It is community in its true sense; working for the good of all. In times gone by, it would be erecting a barn for the family or assisting a farmer with the harvest. The family being assisted usually provided the food as others assisted with the heavy labor. This is an example of community. Each contributes in their own way.

How does this affect you in today’s world; a much different time period? Those working on the same project to assist another will be paid in some way, whether it be through money or other services. Bartering may be used instead of money. Everyone may not have the money they need to live off of but they do have talents and skills to share with another. Picking up groceries for a home-bound neighbor, cleaning a home, mowing a lawn, yard maintenance, babysitting; whatever you are able to do can be used. This gives individuals a sense of ‘I can do this’ in supporting themselves. More of this is needed in today’s world.

When you help another, you usually feel good about it. You are really helping yourself since all are connected as one. There are so many examples of others who have grown up in poverty and worked their way up to support their family. No longer can you stand by and expect others to support the masses. It is time for each person to step forward and to be a responsible member of community; whether it be as a local community, a state, a nation or the world. It is time for each of you to do what you came to do and to be the one you came to be. So be it.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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