Protecting Your Energy

As we move forward into the shift, many individuals are being attacked or picking up unsupportive energies that are being carried by others. While this is not something new, it seems to be more prevalent now. You may find yourself off balance or just not feeling well. It could be the changes you are going through as our bodies and the earth continue to change.

Even with shields up while listening to a group presentation, an individual corded me several times. How did I know what was happening? I could feel something pricking me , as if something was attaching itself to me on my left side. The first time, I immediately brushed it off with my hand. The next couple of times I used my open hand over the area of entry into my back as soon as I felt it attach and scooped it up, pulling the cord out and throwing it into the floor.

After that experience, I decided to go back to what was given to me years ago for protecting my energy. At the time, I was visiting a national or state park, sitting in a room showing a video about the park when I became overwhelmed by a very powerful negative force from behind. When things like this happen, one usually takes shallow breaths or temporarily stops breathing. A voice immediately told me to bring in the energy from above my head down into the body, letting it flow down through all parts of my body. Ask that it exits your hands and feet into the earth below your feet. Do this three times or as needed.

Later on I was told to call upon Prime Source and ask for His unconditional love in the form of light to come in through the top of your head and flow slowly through the body like a gentle river, constantly flowing and constantly nourishing this dimension and plane and all dimensions and planes. Ask that it exits your hands and feet and drops onto a disk in the earth below your feet. Then ask that God’s unconditional love surrounds you for protection and goes before you to clear your path. So be it.

This clears and renews your energy field. This can be used when having your body worked on such as before or after a massage. It can also be used when you are in a group of people to clear and protect yourself. You do not need to be taking on other people’s stuff. Energies are merged with others as you work or attend a group, class, etc. Stay in the present and be aware.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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