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Today’s thoughts and prayers go out to all those who still sleep. By sleeping, we mean those who are unaware of what is going on in the universe and on their planet Earth. So many have strayed from universal law or were never told about it. People wonder what happened to being polite to others, to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

The news occasionally brings up the good happening here and there. However, most of the news is crowded with all the crimes that are occurring not just in your city but all over the world. No wonder why Earth is dying. Earth must clear itself in order to move into the higher realms. This means clearing the soil of all the chemicals as well as the imprints left from wars that have been fought and the energy left behind in the soil.

Earth must also clear all that is in the astral planes around the earth. The astral plane is the area around the earth that one must pass through in order to enter the sleep state and again pass through when you return to your body before waking up in the morning. The astral plane consists of thoughts that have not been acted on. For example, a saying used in the past when someone was angry with another person, was that he or she would like to wring the other person’s neck. It was just a saying to vent anger but that thought would remain in the astral plane where thoughts are not acted upon. Thoughts are things and carry power. Be careful of what you say and think. Choose to use your words wisely; for you will live by those you speak unto yourself and those given to others.

What else is in the astral plane? There are those who are not the good guys. They exist in the lower fourth dimension. These are the characters who may try to attack you as you pass through the astral planes at night or in the morning. They may try to convince you that they are the good guys. Mary’s experience with them was not good. Some will wear a cowboy hat or dress like a cowboy and try to make friends with you. It is best to avoid them whenever possible.

How do you know if they are the good guys ‘talking’ to you? One way is to ask them their name. The individual may say Sam. Ask again what his name is. He may repeat Sam. Do this several times quickly. If it changes to a different name, command him to be gone. You do not need to play in that realm. It can be very dangerous for you.

If you do not feel comfortable at night for whatever reason when going to the sleep state, ask that an angel wraps his wings around you until you go to sleep or that they guide you back from the sleep state when returning to the body. You may ask to move through the astral plane quickly without interference or that your guardian angel or an angel watch over you and protect you at night.

You are in charge of your life and what you do in life. Take responsibility for yourself and be the example to others. Use your tools whenever possible and create new tools to assist you. Do not be a statistic on the news at night. Each individual is responsible for him or herself. Having a bad life or childhood is just an excuse. Maybe it was how you chose to learn your lessons. Take charge of your life. Clean up your act if need be. Ask what your path or your purpose in life is and/or ask what the first step on your path is. Then ask for help when needed. There are always opportunities and those who can assist you. Talk to God if assistance is needed and be open as to what shows up or is presented to you instead of saying that is not the kind of help I want or need. It may be the clue to take you to where you need to be.

Angels walk many paths. Years ago, a friend of Mary’s had gone out with some friends at night and had to walk back to her car a few blocks away. As she walked past some homeless individuals, one smiled and talked with her. He was an angel with beautiful sparkling blue eyes. Yes, angels can be found in many places other than heaven, in different forms and in different ways.

Wishing you love in all you do,


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