Prepare for More Changes

You probably think this is just another reminder to know where your food, water and energy sources will come from when grocery stores and gas stations shut down and the rolling blackouts begin. Instead, it is about the coming events people do not wish to hear; the turmoil that will occur to your world. Extremes in weather and Earth upsets are still to come.

Just as you are going through your personal traumas and dramas, so must the Earth. The Earth has been abused for so long and now it must release all its traumas and dramas from the past and the present situations. Earth is a living entity. It has worked in harmony with mankind throughout time. Now it must release the toxins from the air, soil and water that humans have left behind.

How will the planet release the pollution and traumas that have accumulated for so long? Earthquakes, extreme weather and volcano eruptions will increase. This blue planet has decided to be fifth dimensional, which means it must clear itself of all the unsupportive energies imposed on it. This is another reason to be aware and prepare.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, and eruptions will continue to occur in the usual places and elsewhere and may be more intense and active than normal. People do not realize their emotions also affect the weather. Since Earth has consciousness, it is a living entity and its energy is connected to the population. This means you need to clear yourself and control your emotions. All of the lashing out of angry individuals, is releasing their emotions into the atmosphere and these are being stored in various places. Go within and release what needs to be released instead of lashing out in road rage or other such means.

There will be times in the future when you may need to leave and move elsewhere. Pay attention to your guidance. We have given you many tools to assist you. Nature is one of those tools. If you study how nature works, it will prepare you for anomalies that will occur. The most important preparation one can do is to go within and maintain a connection to your guidance and to be the observer. When things occur, you will then be able to make good decisions without the emotions.

Life is a meditation and you can walk through anything if you are prepared. Now is always a good time to prepare.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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